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Valeo is one of the leaders in the global Lighting market, designing products and solutions for all the main car manufacturers, guaranteeing strict fulfilment of the most stringent O.E. standards.

Valeo offers a complete portfolio of innovative solutions, with extended technical assistance. 

Trust the "We Care 4 You" Strategy from Valeo Service, placing customer's needs at the center of Valeo's attention.

The Régloscope™ is the perfect tool for workshops and car service providers: easy to position, simple and fast to use for a complete accurate diagnosis of headlamps.

The Valeo Bulb Range is compliant with the regulation ECE R37 which approves the bulbs for use in Europe.

Products and Services

2018 Lighting and Signaling Catalogue

2018 Lighting and Signaling Catalogue - LHD


  • 1862 references (2162 applications)
  • 443 NEW references covering 100 new applications
  • Products with latest technologies such as the
    Glare-Free High Beam function ('Matrix Beam' for Audi A3 2016 application) 
  • Optimized glossary and categories
  • 14 languages 
Tomorrow’s Best Lighting Technologies for the Aftermarket

Tomorrow’s Best Lighting Technologies for the Aftermarket

As one of the world’s leaders and specialists in visibility and Lighting Systems, Valeo always innovates for safety. Valeo develops innovative and performing Lighting Systems which support drivers. These systems respond to user needs’ “to see and to be seen”. Valeo presents its latest Lighting and Signaling Technologies that already define the market trends of the future.

The first Valeo Matrix Beam for Audi A3


A Full LED Product

The Audi-A3 headlamp is a Full LED product, embedding a compact low beam LED module and a Matrix beam module; both contribute to the final beam pattern on the road.


This technology allocates a specific LED chip to every sector of the field for lighting or obscuring. The obscured area is obtained by extinguishing one or more LED chips, for each of the headlamps, without any moving part. 

This solution maintains maximum light output throughout the non-obscured area and can obscure several different zones on the condition that the space between two consecutive obscured areas exceed the size of the elementary segment. 

Contrary to its predecessor, the Matrix Beam does not actuate any mechanical shutter to hide some beam areas, it controls LEDs to build the appropriate beam. 

3 drivers for Innovation



Performing Lighting Systems can save lives.

Valeo has developed the Matrix Beam module for the Audi A3 2016 application;
it combines innovative Lighting and Camera Technologies to offer optimized visibility for the driver, including the innovative Glare-Free function.



Styling and design of the exterior Lighting has become a major differentiation.

Valeo Lighting catalogue includes Lighting Systems from the "Car of the year" from the past 3 years (frontlamps for Peugeot 3008 application in 2017, Rearlamps for Opel Astra application in 2016 and frontlamps for VW Passat application in 2015).



Valeo is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its activities.

Valeo is also developing products that optimize energy consumption; a complete range of LED solutions available for each car segment.