Braking specialist since 1923

Valeo reinforced its brake pads range for passenger and light commercial vehicle

Valeo is a braking expert since 1923:

Since 1923, Valeo has produced friction materials for brake linings.

Indeed, Valeo has acquired real expertise since 95 years to develop high performing brake pads for the independent automotive aftermarket industry



  • High-performing and durable friction materials increasing braking efficiency and safety
  • Corrosion treatment on backplate, asbestos and copper free
  • European homologation: 100% of Valeo brake pads are ECE-R90 compliant




  • Friction material and under layer designed for noise reduction
  • Shim and lateral chamfers when required providing the highest level of comfort possible

Valeo proposes you a unique and competitive range which complies with the most demanding OE specifications.

  • A unique offer covering more than 90% of the car park mostly for European, Korean and Japanese applications
  • A competitive and attractive range: easy to identify, easy to use and stock.
  • A high performance range:  products combining efficiency, durability and comfort and holding the Valeo know-how and sense of quality


All Valeo brake pads comply with ECE-R90 standard regulation and ensure the best performance level to the end consumer. They are in line with the market technology evolution and are more respectful of the environment.



Did you know that Valeo clutch friction is coming from brake lining know - how ?


  • In 1923, Eugène Buisson, the French representative for Ferodo brake linings, opened workshops in France to manufacture, under license, his own friction materials. This was the birth of Société Anonyme Française de Ferodo (SAFF).
  • In 1932, the company expanded its activities to include the production of clutches, and in 1934 absorbed its competitor in linings, FLERTEX.
  • SAFF created Sté Union De Fabricants De Garnitures (UFAGA) in 1952 to bring together two acquisitions of competitors: HERSOT, which specialized in brake linings for railway and public works equipment & NAFRA, automobile brake linings producer.
  • In 1980, the name VALEO was born in order to unite its brands and people.
  • Valeo acquired the FTE company, a specialist in clutch and braking to reinforce its expertise on braking in 1923.

Valeo braking range is effective and delivers all the services that the professional expects from a braking specialist.

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Asbestos and Non-asbestos brake pads

Brake pads are one major spare part in the braking system for automotive business.
Brake pads contacts and applies pressure and friction to a vehicle's brake rotors. The pressure and friction applied to the brake rotor is what slows and stops the wheel.
In the past, brake pads have an important ingredient which is " Asbestos" because it is cheap. When the brake soot comes out with white powder, it does not feel dirty at the wheel and absorbs the noise.

It looks like asbestos has a good ingredient to produce brake pads but indeed it’s dangerous for your health. Risks from using Asbestos brake pads, after stepping on the pedal to stop the car, the soot from brake pads will cling to follow the wheel, rock fibers may fly into the car.

The drivers or passengers will inevitably receive asbestos, which accumulates asbestos as the source of Asbestosis
International brake pad manufacturers in the world have abolished asbestos production in accordance with legal regulations. Environment and the standard of the automobile industry.

Today, many automotive manufacturers around the world Including Valeo denied using asbestos to produce brake pads .
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