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eCORPS: The Valeo Exclusive Core Collection Service

Starting January 2008, Valeo Service takes a radical step forward in core collection. Proven for its reliability and efficiency all over Europe, the Valeo eCORPS service is entering the UK market.


More than a new way of collecting core, eCORPS is a real breakthrough that will allow you to get your credit note as little as 72h after collection* 

Our Core Collector will come to your premises using this innovative system and will sort the cores directly on site, using a real time cross referencing database as well as your real time outstanding balance loaded on the display. Once the collection is done, our Core Collector will transmit the data to Valeo Service UK using GPRS network and you will receive a confirmation note just 3 minutes after transmission. In parallel, our Finance Department will process the Credit note and we will get it to you in 72h.


Advantages are double:

  • For you, it means that you can keep record and track of your Core Collection as well as getting your credit note much quicker than any other service currently available in Europe. You will receive a collection form and be informed of any potential rejected units on the day of collection.
  • For us, it means that we know exactly what could be remanufactured and when. Therefore, it enables us to improve our product availability.

eCORPS does not replace our Core Acceptance Rules. That’s why we ask you to respect the guidelines and make Back In Box your standard for Core Return.


For further information about this breakthrough in core management, Please ask our Core Collector, contact your local Valeo Business Development Manager, or log on to our Website.