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New EMS products added to Valeo range

Valeo Service UK has expanded its engine management systems range to feature more ignition based products and ranges.

Ignition components are becoming more complex and are often integrated within the ECU (Engine Control Units), as manufacturers respond to the need to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Valeo’s engine management systems range now comprises ignition coils, injectors, EGR valves, air intake throttles, fuel pumps and sensors.

Valeo offers a comprehensive range of coils and modules in numerous designs and technologies, offering more than 80 percent vehicle parc coverage in Europe. In the last year Valeo has increased its coil range by 110 parts which cover many German and Asian applications such as BMW, Mercedes, Nissan and Toyota ones.

The Valeo ignition coils range covers an extensive portfolio of configurations of coils, namely pencil, rail, bloc and top plug and most of the second-generation applications. The range ensures high quality products and meets all OE fitting requirements. Range development in the aftermarket is ongoing as replacement rates continue to rise.

As engines are being built to conform to more stringent emission levels - particularly those with EGR systems and natural gas vehicles - High Energy Coils and Multi-Spark Coils are coming to the market as more applications use this technology. These units give higher outputs than the units currently found in aftermarket ranges.


There are many exciting developments taking place in ignition and Valeo is ideally positioned to bring technical innovations to the independent aftermarket, as a specialist in Engine Management Systems and Air Management Systems.

Recently, Valeo has added 12 new sensors, covering Audi A1, A2, A3, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo applications.

Valeo offers a wide portfolio of engine and air management products that are continually advancing alongside the demands and challenges posed by car manufacturers. Coupled with its technical support and dedicated sales team the company can provide the highest standard of technological and environmental solutions to customers.

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