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Valeo, the Braking Systems Specialist since 1923 extends the Valeo OptiPACK™ and Valeo PremiumPACK™ braking pads ranges for Commercial vehicles which are designed to suit each customer needs and ease workshops day to day servicing operations. In accordance with the “We Care 4 You - Trust The Specialist” strategy, Valeo commits to deliver to the aftermarket taylor made solutions for each customer.


Valeo OptiPack™

Valeo OptiPACK™

The right durability and performance balance : Best value for money*

Now extended with 14 references reaching a total of 75 references, Valeo OptiPACK™ Braking pads range is designed with practicality in mind. This “all in one” brake pads offer features a comprehensive set of accessories, all in the same box. From the wear indicators to the pad retainers (depending on version), Valeo OptiPACK™ guarantees full efficiency while servicing and considerable time saving. In addition, the pad friction material used has been specially thought for delivering the perfect quality and price balance to deliver the best possible durability and performance to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for commercial vehicle fleets. The range was elected “best value for money*” from european customers in 2018.



Valeo PremiumPack™

Valeo PremiumPACK™

Best Valeo friction material and NRS™ technology : Uncompromised high performance.

In addition to the Valeo OptiPACK™ features, Valeo PremiumPACK™ receives the NRS™ technology permitting a greatest life-cycle of the pad and avoiding any risk of delamination. This range receives the best friction material Valeo can provide to deliver an outstanding features

  • Comfort : Noiseless while operating,
  • Performance : Best Valeo braking power,
  • Longevity : Most durable Valeo braking pads.  

This range is a key of the Valeo Braking offer for commercial vehicles. Valeo PremiumPACK™ holds the best of Valeo knowledge and quality requirements. The premium brake pads offer has just been extended with 12 new references to compose a range of 51 references.  



Braking ranges and much more.

Valeo delivers its brake pads in a five layers premium cardboard for safe transport flow conditions. Valeo is the only premium brand on the market to offer pads sealed to the box in a thermo-shaped plastic. Benefits are excellent storage conditions to prevent damages and most of all safe working conditions for the warehousemen and mechanics.

To support workshops in their every day servicing operations, Valeo was the first to develop the sharp flying views detailing the composition of each reference helping users to spot at a glance all references specifications. Efficiency and time saver guaranteed.