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Parking made easy with Valeo Park Assistance

Parking made easy with Valeo Park Assist




Today, most of the vehicles on the road have some kind of parking assistance fitted, and this trend is growing every year. Valeo is here to enable you to benefit from new parking assistance features without the need to change your vehicle. Valeo, as the supplier in OE parking assistance systems worldwide delivers a top quality parking assistance range that addresses the key needs on the market.


The parking assistance range is dedicated to help users complete their parking manoeuvres in a more relaxed and safe way. The range incorporates advanced technology features including front sensors & rear sensors for obstacle detection, a new ECU for communication, a better camera, a digital screen with improved sound and much more.


What's in for you ?





        as                                                                     New wide angle camera (120°±5°V: 100°±5) offers a broad vision

                                                                                        New attractive TFT & LCD screens

                                                                                        Automatic trailer detection and radio mute function

                                                                                        Parking assist lines available

                                                                                       ⦁ The range is compatible with a pulsed reverse signal

                                                                                       ⦁ Clear sound identification thanks to the different sound warnings




What valeo has to offer ? 

Our OE experience and know-how ensure our automotive aftermarket products provide the unmatched service, performance & reliability




Upgrade your vehicle with advanced parking assistance technology to benefit from Valeo expertise.


Watch this video on Valeo Parking Assistance :