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Pyramid™ Flat blade Technology : Durable, Innovative & All-in-one

The patented Pyramid™ design featured on Valeo FIRST wiper blades creates three-dimensional shape to increase aerodynamic flow control for even pressure and optimal high speed performance.
- 3-D Spoiler Design
- Tec² Formula
- All-in-One Adaptor’s System

Tec² rubber formula provides all-weather durability and smoother wiping performance.

Thanks to this, Valeo First Flat Blade Multiconnection can replace a conventional blade or a Flat Blade, enabling everyone to access the Flat Blade technology, even if the car is not originally equipped.

A technology that gives exceptional performance for drivers demanding precise wiping.

3-D Spoiler Design

Patented 3-D spoiler design and curved metal spline provides optimal windshield contact and homogenous pressure for enhanced high-speed wiping performance.

Unique low-profile design helps prevent ice and snow build-up for optimal visibility in extreme weather conditions.

This shape was not chosen by chance: the surfaces of the body inclined at a carefully selected angle optimize the movement of air, and the shelf on the ledge provides downforce.

This plays a significant role in the quality of glass cleaning when increasing speed, the airflow on the glass can tear off the wiper rubber and degrade the performance of the wipers. 

With the Valeo First flat wiper made using Pyramid ™ technology, it is no coincidence that aerodynamic elements were placed on the leashes of the wipers along the entire length, which ensures optimal pressure on the windscreen.

Tec² Formula

Valeo First Multiconnection benefits from the Tec² new rubber formula, specially formulated synthetic rubber with quality graphite coating, to increase wiping durability and resistance to heat and humidity & smoother wiping performance in all weather conditions.

This ensures good contact with the glass and the best cleaning of it even from a thin layer of water. The number "²" in the designation of Tec² indicates that two materials are used here: the rubber has a wear-resistant coating, which allows you to combine elasticity with durability. 

The rubber material is ready to work in a wide temperature range and when exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and confidently resists wear from dust and dirt particles falling on the glass.

All-in-One Adaptor’s System

The all-in-one adaptor system fits popular arm types for quick and easy installation. 

The benefits of the All-in-one adaptor system can be appreciated by drivers of most modern car models.

It comes with a pre-installed universal hook adapter, and contains multi - adaptors for side lock, side pin, pinch tab and push button arm type, with which two movements are enough to attach the wiper to the arm.

A click will confirm that the wiper is installed correctly and securely locked.

Wipers are available in eleven different lengths ranging from 350 to 700 mm.

A Pyramid™ innovation made by Valeo.

Experience the evolution of wiper blade technology and proven protection now available for all vehicles. Pyramid™ Flat blade Technology wiper blades combine Valeo precision engineering and advanced blade design for unrivaled performance and uncompromising durability.


Video on more information on Pyramid technology function.