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The Silencio Aquablade™ is now available in ASEAN!

The innovative wiper Silencio Aquablade™ is now available in ASEAN for Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.

A major breakthrough innovation development from Valeo that turns wiping completely on its head: The Silencio Aquablade™. 


Traditional windscreen washing systems spray washer fluid from jets mounted beneath the windscreen. However, the revolutionary Aquablade™ delivers washer fluid directly onto the windscreen, using tiny channels that run along the entire length of the blade itself. This significantly improves visibility, thus increasing driving safety.

The Silencio Aquablade™ supplies Original Equipment (OE) for Mercedes-Benz & Volvo vehicles.


The Silencio Aquablade™ for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has used the luxury sedan S Class as its flagship and industry touchstone, using it as a platform to launch all of its cutting edge technological innovations and features.

Silencio Aquablade™ offers the same as Mercedes-Benz providing technological innovation.

With the new launch of 571321 : Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222 (04.2013>) in Valeo Service ASEAN which comes with the heated function directly controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of the vehicle. The heated function improved cleaning performance in cold conditions with quick defrost of the wiper blade. It provides “warmer” washer fluid for cleaning efficiency. Hence, there is no rubber freezing.


The Silencio Aquablade™ for Volvo

Volvo cars have long been known and stressed their historic reputation for safety and reliability when the company decided to focus on safety as one of the core values. 

The Silencio Aquablade™ solution brings safety features to each individual driver for maximum safety & driving pleasure with limited disturbance to drivers visually. It reduces glare & blur to improve faster drivers reaction and lower braking distance.

In Valeo Service ASEAN, we offer 572303 : Volvo XC60 II (09/2017 > ) which doesn’t come with heated function & 572309 : XC60 II (09/2017 > ) which come with heated function providing driving safety to every single driver. The heated function improved cleaning performance in cold conditions with quick defrost of the wiper blade. 


In a nutshell, Valeo Aquablade™ has perfected a windshield wiping system providing Cleaning Performance, Safety, Easy-to-change & Customer Satisfaction to every customer needs on daily driving pleasure.

The new generation of wipers for upcoming new vehicles in the industry of Automotive!

Video on more information on how Aquablade function