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Three ClimFill® air-conditioning stations launched

Valeo has launched its new air-conditioning refill station lineup: ClimFill® Easy, ClimFill® Pro & ClimFill® Maxi, which will strengthen and enhance the offering of air-conditioning (A/C) specialists in the UK independent aftermarket.

ClimFill® Easy is a perfect entry level solution for garages moving into A/C refill servicing, while the ClimFill® Pro is the most advanced refill station available in the marketplace. Finally, ClimFill® Maxi is for commercial vehicle applications.

Designed to supply all vehicles types, the new Valeo refill stations provide numerous technical and practical advantages. Equipped with specific patented couplers, the Valeo refill stations are more environmentally friendly and are fully automatic for ease of use. The range of stations also includes a manual mode if needed.


In addition, a consistent high quality performance is always assured whatever the conditions thanks to the Suction-Mode (S-Mode). In this mode, the air-conditioning station combines 3 elements: Pressure, pulsed injections and compressor suction to succeed in feeding refrigerant via the low-pressure side of the system.

Furthermore, maintenance of the machines has been made easier with a dedicated Pump Monitoring System, unique to the market, which preserves and secures the pump performance.


The Valeo ClimFill® range features high performing filters meaning filter replacement is recommended only once annually.

ClimFill® Pro & ClimFill® Maxi are equipped with eco-friendly patented couplers that prevent refrigerant gas release into the atmosphere when decoupling the station. Those couplers can be available as an option for ClimFill® Easy.