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Valeo First Conventional Set: Quality, Compact & Convenience

Valeo First Conventional Set: Quality, Compact & Convenience




Conventional wiper blades are the most common type of windscreen wiper and still fitted to the majority of new vehicles. They are usually attached to the vehicle using a U-hook shape wiper arm fitting. Lengths range from 12" to 28" and it is not uncommon to have different sizes fitted to the drivers and passengers sides of the windscreen. if you already have these fitted they can easily be replaced with another set of conventional wiper. 


There's more to buying a new set of wiper blades than simply picking a set and attaching them to your car. You need to consider the characteristics of different quality & length required. In Valeo, we provide both quality and convenience to our customers.


Conventional Set




Are you paying too much for wiper blades ?


Windshield wiper blades come in many lengths, and changes are your car takes a different length on each side. Aa a wiper specialist, Valeo brings to the aftermarket, 17 New to range Part Number which is, convenient, compact & also a quality product.