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VALEO Intercoolers range extension

Valeo, the Thermal Systems specialist for the independent automotive aftermarket, continuously expands its product coverage with the launch of over 120 intercoolers references, boosting the range of 14.3% and featuring an exact fit and optimized cooling efficiency.

Today, the market trend shows a continuous increase of vehicles equipped with turbochargers which request the presence of a dedicated heat exchanger: the Intercooler. Workshops are dealing more and more with cars equipped with intercoolers; therefore Valeo has quickly answered this need by extending the Intercooler range.




The Range of Intercoolers : 

Valeo range has been built to give to the market an exact fit and optimized cooling efficiency range that respects stringent in-house requirements. Valeo is the global Thermal Systems Specialist with more than 60 years of experience in O.E. This provides Valeo Intercooler range legitimacy on the Aftermarket.

Giving to workshops the best product choice is the core of Valeo Service “We Care 4 You - Trust the Specialist” strategy. The range features several benefits for customers:


  • Biggest range extension with 123 references adding 14.3% of coverage

  • Almost 50% of coverage of the European car park, covering European most popular vehicles, for example: RENAULT Clio III (2005), RENAULT Megane III (2008) ; PEUGEOT 308 II (2013) ; AUDI A3 (2003) ; FORD Mondeo III (2007) ; BMW 1 Series (2010) ; BMW 4 Series (2013).

  • Latest Valeo O.E. technology available for IAM with patented Water Charge Air Cooler, which received a Pace Award.

  • Stringent Quality test specially based on Valeo in-house specifications  (Thermal shocks, vibrations, durability)

  • Time to market with the launch for IAM of the latest Intercoolers developed by Valeo for O.E.


Find out more on th.valeoservice.com/en-th:


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