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Valeo First rear wiper blades

The First Rear blade program includes 7 part numbers covering 90% of Japanese vehicle applications. This greatly benefits stockists as it results in a reduced stock holding without compromising the number of vehicles covered. This ensures that a more reliable service can be provided and also improves stock rotation.

The range of rear

A comprehensive table can be found linking specific vehicle applications with the compatible Valeo part number. Each product is listed by the vehicle’s make and model, making it easier to determine the appropriate part number.

First rear blades are designed, manufactured and tested by Valeo engineers in its own European factory. Requiring minimal storage and providing a complete solution for a wide range of vehicle applications, First rear high quality wiper blades offer exceptional performance for Valeo customers.

Valeo Service ASEAN provides an array of support services to distributors and installers of wiper systems including brochures, leaflets and display stands.

Covering all wiper blade technologies including conventional, BBI and Flatblade, Valeo supplies a variety of wiping solutions to the independent automotive aftermarket. These different ranges include the First & OE-quality Silencio® brand.

The fast-runner application!


Valeo Part NumberDescriptionBrandVehicle ModelSOP - EOP
589380First X1 Rear BBI 10HONDAHR-V [1.8L]02.15-
589380First X1 Rear BBI 10MAZDACX-312.15-
589380First X1 Rear BBI 10MITSUBISHIASX [GA]05.10-
589380First X1 Rear BBI 10SUZUKISwift [AZH] Hatchback01.11-
589380First X1 Rear BBI 10SUZUKISwift [MZ/EZ] Hatchback09.05-12.12
589381First X1 Rear BBI 12FORDFiesta '13 [JA8, JR8]11.12-
589381First X1 Rear BBI 12FORDFocus03.12-
589381First X1 Rear BBI 12FORDFocus '11 [DY, BK]06.12-12.14
589382First X1 Rear BBI 12ISUZUMU-X [2.5L]06.15-
589382First X1 Rear BBI 12MITSUBISHIGrandis01.04-11.10
589382First X1 Rear BBI 12MITSUBISHIPajero Sport [KH]07.13-
589382First X1 Rear BBI 12NISSANMurano [Z51]09.08-04.15
589383First X1 Rear BBI 12PROTONIriz09.14-
589383First X1 Rear BBI 12PERODUAAlza11.09-
589383First X1 Rear BBI 12SUZUKIGrand Vitara09.07-
589383First X1 Rear BBI 12TOYOTAFortuner06.04-
589383First X1 Rear BBI 12TOYOTAInnova05.05-
589385First X1 Rear BBI 14PERODUAMyvi04.14-
589385First X1 Rear BBI 14PERODUAMyvi05.05-
589385First X1 Rear BBI 14PROTONSuprima S08.13-
589385First X1 Rear BBI 14TOYOTAAvanza10.04-12.11
589385First X1 Rear BBI 14TOYOTANew Avanza01.12-
589386First X1 Rear BBI 14HONDABR-V01.17-
589386First X1 Rear BBI 14HONDACR-V [RE]09.06-12.12
589386First X1 Rear BBI 14HONDACR-V [RM]03.13-
589386First X1 Rear BBI 14HONDAFit [GD]05.04-05.08
589386First X1 Rear BBI 14HONDAFreed [GB]05.08-