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With the Valeo Rescuer™ accident detection system, you’ll never drive alone





As fast as lightning


In case of an accident, every second counts.

Emergency workers refer to the first 60 minutes after an accident as the “golden hour”, when the chances of best results are at their highest.


With this in mind, the European regulation now requires that all new platforms of vehicles built after 1st April 2018 contain a standardized, automatic, onboard eCall emergency system. It will immediately alert rescue services that there has been an accident and give them the proper GPS location and information about the nature of the accident, number of people onboard and vehicle type. And this time-saving measure often makes all the difference. With the pan-European eCall, emergency response time is expected to be reduced by an estimated 40% in urban areas, and by 50% on rural roads.


However, only top-of-the-range or recent cars are equipped with an integrated eCall system that automatically alerts emergency services.


Fortunately, for all other cars: there's Valeo Rescuer™ !


Valeo Rescuer™ to the rescue


Winner of the French government road safety prize for innovation, Valeo Rescuer™ is a concentration of technology that offers real peace of mind to those driving cars that are not originally equipped with eCall. Valeo Rescuer™ has been developed with all the know-how and expertise of Valeo, a leading automotive supplier, it has been eCall TPS certified, according to the PPP80034 protocol (by Navcert, 2021). This will give you peace of mind when driving and make road safety accessible to all.


Plug Valeo Rescuer™ into your car’s cigarette lighter and it will alert emergency services within, on average, 90 seconds in the event of an accident at any time and anywhere in Europe.


 And yes, Valeo Rescuer™ is that simple!


  • it provides automatic accident detection with its onboard accelerometer and gyroscope to detect shocks;
  • your geolocation and vehicle information are automatically transmitted via Valeo Rescuer™ SIM card, which allows first aid services to quickly dispatch the most appropriate help;
  • you can communicate with an operator in your own language 24/7 and pass along detailed information that will help emergency services to tailor their response, such as the number of passengers and the nature of any injuries;
  • if you are a witness or a victim of an accident or an aggression, or even if you are just feeling faint, Valeo Rescuer™ can be also activated manually at the push of a button;
  • if you have a breakdown, simply press the red button so that our operators connect you with your automotive assistance services


Plug and play and you’re on your way


Valeo Rescuer™ can be retrofitted to all cars by simply plugging it into the cabin’s cigarette lighter (12V socket). This compact, ergonomic device works over the 2G network which offers the best coverage in Europe. It contains an integrated SIM card and a GPS chip and is activated by a dedicated app. Clear and easy-to-follow instructions for downloading and installing the app from Google Play or the Apple Store to your phone are included with the device. And once you’ve created your user profile, entered your car’s details and finalized your subscription, the plugged-in device activates and automatically associates your car with the app. It’s as simple as that!


With Valeo Rescuer™, you’ll never drive alone.