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Valeo Service UK is launching Freewheel pulleys range

The new Valeo range of freewheel pulleys (FWP) represents a major opportunity for the independent aftermarket.

The freewheel pulley provides a mechanical link between the alternator and engine output crankshaft pulley, isolating the rotor from the auxiliary belt.

Freewheel pulleys allow alternators to “free‐wheel” when the belt suddenly slows down. This prevents the belt from slipping and reduces vibration, wear and squeal noises. As a result, the part is subject to high stress, rotating up to 12,000 rotations per minute. Valeo recommends changing a freewheel pulley every 50,000 miles.


There are 107 fast moving part numbers in the range covering more than 10million vehicles throughout UK and Ireland. Pulleys are supplied in anti-corrosion bags. Products come with protective caps and detailed fitting instructions. A new catalogue has also been produced, which provides comprehensive details on fitting and testing a freewheel pulley, buyers guide and cross-referencing.


Valeo has also launched a specific tool kit for replacing freewheel pulleys. The kit includes 22 parts including sockets, bits, adapters, hexagonal nuts and pins for most applications.


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