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When weather conditions are rough, trust Valeo to help you arrive home safely!

With today's stormy weather we want you to see clearly with the help of good wiper blades.

The last thing you want this season is to get stuck in a storm with busted wiper blades. Harsh rains can compromise visibility fast when you don’t have wipers to keep your view cleared. Take the time now to make sure they’re working properly and will be ready to clear your windshield in days to come.

Valeo, THE N°1 Wiper systems original equipment manufacturer has developed for you a full range of premium wiper blades to answer your different needs.



With Valeo Silencio™, make sure

  • To fit the original technology

  • To keep high performance over time with VisioRubber™

  • To have a perfect fit in one click

Make no compromise and fit the original wiper technology!

Expert tips

  • Wiper blades should be checked every six months and changed at least once a year.

  • To keep your wipers working efficiently, periodically wipe the rubber blades clean with a damp cloth.


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