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LED Auxiliary lamps

LED Auxiliary lamps

LED auxiliary driving lamps are meant to be used in addition of headlamps in order to improve the high beam performance and provide better visibility during night driving, extreme weather conditions, or off-road conditions. They improve visibility and comfort, by providing a long forward beam pattern to better see distant objects. They also help improve visibility of direct surroundings of the vehicle. In few words, auxiliary lamps bring extra safety to drivers and road users by helping reduce reaction time. There are several ways of mounting auxiliary lamps : on the vehicle roof top, on the front grill above the bumber, on specific roof bar, bull bars or even pick-up bed bars. In some cases, according to local regulation, auxiliary lamps can be used as main high beam if the original headlamps high beams are turned off. Auxiliary lamps are also key in vehicle profile and style : they bring a unique design.

Valeo supplies a comprehensive range of auxiliary lamps for all vehicle types : SUVs, LCVs, trucks, pick-ups, heavy-duty vehicles, agricultural, military and other special vehicles,etc. All our auxiliary lamps meet Valeo's high quality standards, often exceeding customers expectations, with a main focus on high performance, extreme conditions resistance (weather, vibrations, chemicals,etc.) and best-in-class electromagnetic compatibility. Among our products list:

  • Trackliner in a format of short and rectangular light bar.
  • Round-shaped Oscar family with 3 different sizes : 5" (Mini Oscar), 7" (Oscar) and 9" (Super Oscar).
  • Cube : small and square for perfect integration in passenger cars.

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