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Valeo Air Conditioning for Passenger Car

Air Conditioning

your reliable AC partner

Valeo is highly recognized as one of the top O.E. Thermal worldwide leader. The excellence in manufacturing expertise, design and innovations was proved by many Quality and PACE awards*.

As world leader in aftermarket air conditioning parts, Valeo is committed to providing a wide range of quality solutions for air conditioning professionals.


Valeo’s commitment

To meet the consumer expectations, Valeo Service is committed to offering products that:

  • are efficient: based on Valeo’s original equipment expertise
  • promote well-being: ensuring the health and comfort of those inside the car
  • are responsible: reducing consumption and global CO2 emissions.

This commitment ensures that, with Valeo, you can provide your customers not only with quality air conditioning parts and service, but also with the protection that they and the planet deserve.


A range of solutions for you

Discover our wide range of car air conditioning parts, including compressors, evaporators, condensers, blowers and many more.

Valeo is driven by Innovations

Did you know ?

The AC loop architecture is evolving with the constant aim to improve the CO2 reductions. As a result the emphasis are put into use of less harmful refrigerants. Today most of the vehicle in ASEAN use R134A. 

Far before the CO2 legislation were implemented, Valeo was the pioneer of technological thermal breakthrough with innovative AC loop developments reducing CO2

  • - first AC loop in 2012 using R-1234yf - HFO introduced for Subaru
  • - first AC loop in 2017 using R744 - CO2 introduced for Mercedes applications. The best - in - class thermodynamic properties of R744 (natural refrigerant) with the smallest components ever produced on the market were recognized to Valeo by 2018 PACE award. 

In ASEAN markets these new AC loops and refrigerants start to appear, mainly on European origin vehicles.

* PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) award - it’s an award to best innovation, technological advancement and business performance among automotive suppliers.


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