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Cool ambiance in your air conditioning

Evaporators play an indispensable role in air conditioning. Outside air cools down as it passes through the fins of the evaporator and its heat is transferred to the refrigerant. As the results the cold air is then blown into the cabin. 


More than just cool air

Air conditioning is often thought of as a means of cooling down the air, but one of its most important roles is to act as a dehumidifier. Particularly important in humid weather - so characteristic for ASEAN countries - the choice of good quality evaporator will be fundamental here.

Moisture in the air can be extracted effectively by the evaporator. Collected by the evaporator fins, where it becomes water, and then this water is evacuated beneath the car.

Added values

One reliable Premium offer

Aiming the highest Quality stakes for evaporators Valeo Service proposes the large portfolio of products manufactured by Valeo O.E. plants - wherever it is followed the Valeo O.E. or Aftermarket program - all evaporators are produced following Valeo O.E. processes

Technology / Innovation

Similar but different… Smart Valeo invention for Aftermarket

The strong Valeo O.E. expertise is used and gives the benefits to the aftermarket design of Valeo evaporators. The products are ​developed by Valeo plant in Thailand applying the same production process as in O.E. 

​Due to design purpose these aftermarket evaporators may have slightly different dimension, as well as the number of tubes and fins compared to O.E. Nevertheless, it does not influence the product quality. 

The lightweight of this design highlights Valeo respect for environment and may benefit in fuel savings for vehicle users.


Valeo Aftermarket evaporator ensures that product: 

  • Fits perfectly
  • Assures long-lasting and reliable cooling 
  • Alike O.E. quality performance 

Discover our Valeo Aftermarket offer

Valeo part Application for Year OES cross Traffic Fitting video
815231 Toyota Hilux, Fortuner, Innova, Altis 2004-2008 88501-0K090
RHD Link
560085 Toyota Vios, Yaris 2005-2013 88501-0D110
560091 Toyota Avanza 2004-2011 88501-BZ011
RHD Link
560088 Isuzu D -Max 2002-2012 89732-11480
RHD Link
560086 Nissan March, Almera 2010 --> 27280-1HA1A
560090 Nissan Navara 2007-2012 27280-EB70A
RHD Link
560087 Mazda2 2008-2015 MN20-61J10
560092 Mitsubishi Mirage, Attrage 2012-2016 7801A843 RHD Link


Common evaporator problems

The most common problems with evaporators are:

  • Perforation due to corrosion
  • Fins blocked by soiling or frost
  • Leaks from the couplings


Evaporator freeze is a killing factor for compressor. 


Valeo Tip

The evaporator must be replaced if it is clogged, pierced or contaminated with persistent mould. When replacing the evaporator, always replace the receiver drier and the expansion valve or orifice tube.

Evaporator freezing can be avoided by the system itself, as well as good practices during the A/C loop servicing.

Struggling with bad smell from AC system ? 

To avoid the problem of bad smell in the car cabin Valeo recommends to change Cabin Air Filter every time whenever you change evaporator

Valeo with ClimFilter™ range offers 3 types of cabin air filters aimining the different levels of protection. 

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