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Rear Braking

Brake shoe and drum brake it

Valeo service proposes a large brake rear range covering all the range of vehicles: French, German, Asian, etc. All Valeo rear brake fulfil the strict standards given by Valeo to produce their products. Quality and comfort for the end–users are a key.

This product range is only intended for small urban vehicles for technological reasons and braking power.


Brake shoes

All-in-one brake kits

Pre-assembled brake kits

brake shoesAll-in-one brake kitsPre-assembled brake kits


Brake Shoes

Brake shoes are a major component of the Drum Brake System, one of the earliest braking systems to appear in automobiles.

Brake Shoes often serve multiple purposes, not only as the main brakes, but as the vehicles handbrake as well. Vehicles often have a cable attached to one of the shoes, which is levered by the handbrake within the car.

Like the disc pads, brake shoes consist of a steel shoe with the friction material or lining riveted or bonded to it.  Also like disc pads, the linings eventually wear out and must be replaced.  If the linings are allowed to wear through to the bare metal shoe, they will cause severe damage to the brake drum.


All-in-one brake kits

All components are included in the same box: 4 jaws / 2 wheel cylinders / Springs kit / Installation instructions.


Pre-assembled brake kits

The parts are already assembled in the box: 4 jaws / 2 wheel cylinders / Springs kit / Self-correcting adjustment / Handbrake lever (Bendix system) / Grease / Installation instructions.