Valeo park vision™ | 1 Camera with 4 sensors + 1 TFT Display

Valeo park vision™ 632211, is a parking assistance range featuring 1 camera and 4 sensors + 1 TFT display to visually alert the driver to obstacles.

Added values

I can’t see much when reversing, because the rear window is so narrow. I would like to be able to see, as well as relying on the reversing radar warnings. Unfortunately, I can’t install a reverse radar on my vehicle.

Now I can see the obstacles clearly behind the vehicle on a screen thanks to the new park vision.

Our Offer

A solution to your parking needs


Reduced risks of accidents thanks to a system of alerts


Improved road-handling and driving comfort

Key savings

Avoid costly repairs by limiting impacts.

Technology / Innovation

Camera 4 sensors + 1 TFT

Park visionTM is the ideal solution for parking in places that are narrow or offer poor visibility

Wide angle camera

  • The wide angle camera (View angle: H: 120°±5°V: 100°±5) offers a broad vision of the surroundings at the rear of the vehicle.
  • The camera provides a clear view of the surroundings.
  • Camera can be fitted on the license plate of the vehicle for a broader vision of the area at the rear of the vehicle.

Control screen

  • A detachable colour LCD screen is installed on the dash or above the rearview mirror.
  • The screen shows the images captured by the camera.

Parking assistance lines function

  • Guides the driver in the direction to be followed when parking.
  • Displays the distance of the obstacles even in metres and inches.
  • Shows three distance levels, represented in green, yellow and red on the parking assistance lines.
  • Several configurations of the parking assistance lines are available, depending on the position of the camera (angle and height).
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