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Air filters

Valeo Air filters Engine Filtration for Passenger car

The intake air quality is key to delivering the best engine performances and optimal durability. For both diesel and petrol engines, Valeo air filters stop particles from the outside air entering into the engine. Air filters have to be replaced to secure the air intake system and reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Valeo filters are designed to meet users’ needs and to provide the highest possible quality standards of filtration.

  • Valeo air filters are designed to block particles as small as 40 microns (40µm), i.e. half the thickness of a human hair.
  • The segments of the air filter offer are easily identified by their blue packaging.

Air FilterPackaging Valeo Air Filter verso

This colour coding simplifies stock management and product identification and also highlights the smart system for product part numbers, which are displayed on five sides of the packaging. These part numbers are easy to remember for both aftermarket professionals and users. Valeo also caters for professionals who want to recommend additional filters during order-taking, with:

  • A table of the major car applications
  • A cross-reference system for every type of filter, directly displayed on the packaging.

Valeo also provides a full communication package for its customers, based on an up-to-date product catalogue with direct access to all types of filters available for each car application.


Valeo recommendation

Change air filters approximately every 15,000km (9,500 miles)

Valeo Air Filter - fitment of air filter round type


Valeo Air Filter - fitment of air filter panel type

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