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Glow Plugs

The glow plug is a key component in the combustion process of the diesel vehicles. The glow plug makes it possible to increase the temperature of the combustion chamber during start-up (of the order of 800 °). The first explosion (combination of compression and incandescence of the pencil) launches the diesel engine. Then the cycle is started.

The quality you can trust

  • 100% of Valeo glow plugs are tested according to O.E. specifications.
  • Each single glow plug experiences more than 70 tests during the production process.
  • 100% Ferro-Cobalt Premium material inside ensures Valeo Glow plugs a faster heat-up time and a reliable cold-start.

Thanks to original double wires technology, Valeo glow plugs reduce the pollutant emissions for vehicles equipped with pre-post heating system.


Valeo tip for replacement

Valeo recommends replacing the glow plugs in a range of 80,000 to 120,000 km, without having any signs of malfunction. Otherwise, there is a risk to not to be able to disassemble the candle, taken by the residual scale in the combustion chamber at its thread.