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Lighting Bulbs 12v

Better Vision, Clearer View

Valeo bulbs at a glance - No.1 worldwide O.E. in Lighting System

Expert in OE manufacturing and one of the worldwide leader in automotive lighting systems, Valeo has more than 80 years of experience in conception and innovation.

With its knowledge, Valeo is able to define and strictly control its bulbs performances, to answer the more requiring OE specifications during lighting development.

Valeo keeps working on performing products, to facilitate drivers’ daily life.

With its range of bulbs for 12V, Valeo shows one more time its expertise in automotive lighting systems.

The Valeo bulbs range offers the same quality care, safety & visibility from manufacturing to replacement.



How do the halogen bulbs work?

Halogen light bulbs consist of a glass enclosure with a filament of tungsten wire inside, through which an electric current is passed. Contact wires and a base with conductors provide electrical connections to the filament. Incandescent halogen bulbs contain halogen gases at high pressure. The filament of Halogen bulbs is heated at 3,400°C with electric energy brought by the battery. Halogen gas is used for lighting lamps to slow down the sublimation of the tungsten, by redepositing it on the filament.


No compromising for your safety!

All Valeo bulbs answer to ECER37 standard regulation which is the minimum quality level required. Ensuring the best performance level to end consumer, Valeo goes beyond and enhances its quality specifications above OE/OES level.



Strict tests to qualify…

To meet every driver's requirement, Valeo performs a battle of severe tests to ensure 100% of bulb performance

  • Over voltage test
  • Life Span
  • Resistance to shock
  • Colour maintenance
  • Resistance to vibration
  • Flux maintenance factor
  • Outgassing of materials
  • Resistance of connection tabs


The right bulb offer for you

Valeo today offers five complete ranges of high performance bulbs answering each consumer's need, for security, comfort and driving pleasure in all weather conditions.



Don't know how to choose you bulb ? We can help you!

To keep the balance of the light intensity given out by the 2 lamps, always change your bulbs in pairs.



Did you know?

ECE -R37 regulates car bulbs approval according to dimensions, electrical, photometrical and technical features, colour of the light emitted, power standards, otherwise prohibited for use on roads within ASEAN.