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Remanufactured parts

AC Compressor Reman

In addition to its new units benefiting from it’s O.E. expertise, Valeo has developed a complete premium Standard Exchange offer for compressors. The 22 years’ experience of Valeo in remanufacturing and its O.E. expertise allow the definition of a specific fully mastered remanufacturing process for AC Compressors. The product group has remanufacturing industrial footprint in Europe with its mother plant Czechowice, in Japan and in China.

Dedicated remanufacturing process for AC Compressors allows Valeo to deliver products with the best standards in terms of quality:

  • High quality remanufacturing process, in the total respect of O.E. standards.
  • The remanufacturing expertise by one of the worldwide.
  • O.E. leaders with close to 8 million compressors produced every year.
  • The only compressor remanufacturer that also supplies the O.E.M. market.
  • Remanufacturing capabilities of most technologies.
  • Cost-efficient solution with unimpeachable premium quality.

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