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#Telematics solution

With Telematics, a world of new possibilities arises. Big Data can be collected and transformed into Smart Data. Discover how.



Your 4.0 Telematics Solution to connect your fleet whatever the size, the typology and the needs

Your cars are already SMART. But we can make them talk. With our Kuantic-Fleet Telematics Solutions, we enable you to monitor and optimize your Total Cost Of Ownership and Mobility.

It allows you to save fuel, support your drivers, handle more orders, increase your productivity, give access to multiple drivers, advise eco driving practices, integrate all your data to your current system or to a brand new one and get access to them from any device, etc. Enter in the era of TELEMATICS 4.0.

Start to take the right decisions about your fleet thanks to your Big Data and our Smart Telematics solution:

  • A SIM Card with a worldwide coverage (2G / 3G / 4G).
  • Telematics Control Units with a different connection possibilities.
  • A Web portal to manage your fleet and your users.
SIM card

M2M SIM Card

Empower yourself by connecting your vehicles to the Cloud

Our M2M Card is a multi-operator M2M SIM card which allows you to communicate on the best network anywhere. When it connects, the M2M Card scans and connects to the best available network. In the event of a loss of signal or unavailability of the main network, it will automatically switch to a secondary network, thus guaranteeing continuity of service anywhere.

Our M2M Card offer is:

  1. The best network cover
  2. A fixed price
  3. Controlled billing
  4. A worldwide coverage

Telematics Control Units

Our Telematics Control Units are available to address your different needs.

We can propose Telematics Control Units for cars, Light commercial Vehicles and Heavy Duty. Depending on your needs 3-wires, FMS or CAN-Bus connections can be proposed. Designed and produced in house by our Research & Development Center in Germany, our Aftermarket Telematics Control Units fully respect the demanding Automotive Quality Standards and can even been homologated by OEMs to be covered by the car maker warranty.

web platform

Web Platform

More than a data collecting system, our web platform is a real decision-making tool.

With our webplatform you can have access to all your data from everywhere, connect and integrate this platform to any of your existing systems. The web platform can be designed under Kuantic-Fleet brand or under your own brand or any white label you choose. Fully accessible with its APIs documentation and secured with restricted accesses, this web platform enables you to deal with different kinds of profiles (administrator, user, groups, vehicles, devices, fleets, drivers, POIs, etc).

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