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Clutch kit

Valeo Clutch kit Transmission Systems for Agriculture

Valeo offers a complete range: kits, cover assy, driven plates, release bearings for agriculture vehicules

In order to be in line with the agriculture vehicules expectations, Valeo only offers premium clutches - a commitment of Valeo constant quality you can trust


Advantages of Valeo agriculture clutches 

  • Friction material adapted to the use, either organic or sintered disc:
    • Organic for small power tractors: excellent engagement for a better comfort
    • Sintered for higher power tractor (> 55 hp): excellent transmission of the engine torque
  • Safety Power-Take-Off clutch (PTO) -technology to ensure a higher level of safety for the driver
  • Durability -disc assembly is made with damper fatigue test of 8 millions cycles. 


Agriculture Clutch - References


Valeo part Product type Application for OES cross
807630 Clutch Driven Plate FIAT/NEW HOLLAND 95.66 5092805
806274 Clutch Driven Plate NEW HOLLAND 8066 8075 25174628
806212 Clutch Driven Plate NEW HOLLAND 70.66, 80.66 3304584M93
279374 Clutch Cover NEW HOLLAND 8066 8090 25281489
805980 Clutch Cover FIAT(NEW HOLLAND) 95.66 5092803
805235 Clutch Cover NEW HOLLAND 8075 25582642
840075 Repair kit SPRING MF N/A
800595 Repair kit NEW HOLLAND 280/DL2 5093020
800596 Repair kit NEW HOLLAND 280/DL2 5093021
800594 Repair kit NEW HOLLAND 310/DL2 5093019