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Valeo Braking Systems for Trucks

Braking Systems for Trucks

As a truck multi-specialist and a major player in braking systems, Valeo provides braking solutions for Heavy Duty professionals aiming for cost savings and quality products. 

Thanks to extensive research and development which includes a strict validation process for friction materials, all Valeo braking system products comply with international standards and/or exceed ECE-R90 requirements.


For excellent stability during and after braking effort 

Valeo, a recognized expert in friction materials since 1923 develops and offers the braking products meeting your various needs for heavy duties vehicules usage - on road, with heavy carriage, in mining. 

  • Made in Europe with the friction quality adapted to professional, intensive usage 
  • Very good fade resistance 
  • Long product lifetime 
  • Best fitting compatibility 
  • Low noise performance


A Quality range of braking solutions for you 

Valeo’s offer for trucks has an impressive coverage rate on major European trucks applications in brake pads range and includes optiPACK™, brake discs, brake linings and brake shoe kits. To complete a full offer for the truck braking system Valeo proposes as well the DOT® brake fluids. 


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