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Cooling and air management for LCV - Valeo Thailand

Cooling and Air management

Credible experience you can trust

Thanks to its O.E. experience and expertise with engine cooling and air management systems, Valeo is a world-leading engine cooling and air management systems specialist.


Always aiming the market needs

Valeo is continuously aiming to meet market expectations in the cooling and air management sector. Valeo currently offers a large portfolio of part numbers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, covering your car cooling needs. The range includes radiators, cooling fans, EGR valves, thermostats and many more car cooling parts.


New thermal system solutions

Valeo’s range of engine cooling and air management systems includes the latest industry technologies as developed as part of Valeo’s O.E. activity. Whether it is an intercooler or even a fan motor, you can be sure that the latest industry innovations are playing a part in every Valeo product.


Valeo is your cooling and air management specialist, thanks to its OE expertise and know-how in air management and engine cooling systems. Valeo continuously aims to meet market evolutions and customer needs in products and services, with: 
New thermal system solutions, including the latest technologies acquired from OE activity 
More than 3,700 part numbers for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to cover all your engine needs 
2 dedicated loop offers to maintain a consistent performance between products


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