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Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

O.E. leader with the most reliable starters and alternators

Valeo is the recognized expert in Electrical Systems since 1923.Today over 200,000 Valeo starters and alternators are used in production worldwide each day, making Valeo a key player in the global electrical systems market - 1 car out of 3 in the world is equipped with a Valeo electrical system machine. Valeo is the O.E. partner of all major car manufacturers offering the most reliable starters and alternators. Together with Siemens acquisition Valeo is the incontournable leader in 48V electrification.


Valeo Stop - Start innovations, a concrete answer to CO2 reduction

Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumptions Valeo develop the innovative technology solution Stop - Start. The principle role of Valeo Stop - Start system is based on switching off the engine when the vehicle stops. The benefits of this technology are considerable for example while spending a significant amount of time getting stuck in traffic jams. Here the fuel economy may reach even up - 25%. The overall advantages of Stop -Start systems are highly depending on the driving cycle. 


Innovative solutions available for Aftermarket

Valeo launched his first Stop - Start technology in 2004 (for Citroen C3) and since then continually bringing the new advanced solutions.  3 main options introduced:

  • StARS - Starter Alternator Reversible System, combining the starter and alternator functions in one unique machine. Valeo’s StARS was rewarded with 2004 Engineering Award and 2006 PACE Award.
  • i-StARS - Integrated Starter Alternator Reversible System, a second generation of combined in one part starter and alternator function, launched in 2010. Contrary to first StARS machines, the i-StARS embeds inside all control and power electronics, meaning no more external power controller and no more power cable.. i-StARS improves the system’s electrical efficiency to make it one of the most efficient alternators on the market.
  • ReStart - Reinforced Starter, provides the extra durability for repeated stopping and starting phases.

Valeo is the only O.E. supplier to provide both reinforced starters and starter-alternator combined systems. Also, the only to offer those technologies to the Aftermarket.


A large Valeo Electrical system range for you

Focusing on its customer absolute satisfaction and workshops needs Valeo proposes the Best - in - Class Aftermarket offer including starters, alternators, free wheel pulley and spare parts.

  • Precise fit and quality
  • Reliability and durability
  • No 0 km warranty claim
  • Strong technical expertise
  • Full O.E. range integrated in Aftermarket offer  

Immediate availability - Valeo pursues its time-to-market initiative to propose the replacement part at the same time as the new vehicle model is released


Trust the worldwide electrical systems specialist!


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