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Wiping Systems

Valeo, Safety through Technology

Valeo, worldwide no.1 in O.E. wiper systems brings to the aftermarket a complete range of wiper blades and wiper motors.

Valeo maintains its lead through style and innovative technologies, originating from OE. Valeo develops cutting-edge technologies which clean windshields, rear windows and optical sensors to constantly offer drivers and autonomous cars an excellent visibility.

The latest innovation, the AquaBlade ™ solution is designed not only for increased comfort and safety, but also to reduce weight thereby reducing CO₂ emissions.

A clear and impeccable view is an essential factor for a road safety.


Valeo Wiping Products

A range of solutions for each customer needs

Each customer is different and has different needs. Valeo has the wiper solution for all of them. Discover our various Wiper range for ASEAN market:

  • Valeo First - dedicated to Aftermarket
  • Silencio The Original™ and SWF VisioFlex - followed the O.E. equipment
  • The AquaBlade™ - Latest Innovation in wiping technology
  • Wiper Motor - 100% follow O.E.



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