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TM Compressor for Bus and Coach

A unique offer of ValeoTM- series compressors 

Valeo, as an expert in Compressor’s design and manufacturing provides the unique offer of it’s TM - series compressors for bus and coach. Taking the origin in two Japanease brands - Tama/Zexel and Seltec, Valeo has today the strong reputation in the market all over the world and continue to bring the innovations and quality solutions for all customer needs. The Valeo strength is reinforced recently with Spheros acquisition. 


Valeo - your TM compressor partner to build bus AC system

Within its offer of TM21 till TM65 Valeo proposes a large displacement product range to fully address bus requirements (small, medium, lage buses) while building the bus AC system.  


Valeo TM Compressors satisfy all customer needs - benefits for bus operators and uses, bus markers and bus A/C system markers 

Valeo proposes the numerous advantages with its Valeo TM Compressors products for buses and coaches.

  • Light and compact design: Valeo cubic - shaped compressors are in average up to 50% lighter and smaller in volume than today’s average reciprocating compressor in the market 
    • Fitting space optimization 
    • Perfect fit and compatibility 
    • Fuel cost reduction and CO2 emissions reductions 
  • Premium Quality with excellent performance-cost ratio
    • 100% made in Japan: R&D design and all compressor body production 
    • High cooling capacity 
    • Competitive pricing 
  • High level of adaptability: a customizable product - parts can be developed upon customers’ request 
  • Well- being of driver and passengers with low noise and low vibration proved by rigorous  tests 

Generic manuals for every TM-series type.

TM compressor range for bus


TM compressor -  a customizable product

There is no specific vehicules applications for TM Compressors. The type of needed TM compressor is chosen based on the combination of technical specifications. Valeo Service proposes already many of the most popular combinations and can create the specific product upon the customer requests.


TM compressor - a customizable product
Note: the reference of the body is related to the body number only not to the complete TM product.
In a case of building the specific compressor the exact requirements shall be advised.
The gas type: R404A or R1234 A as well as the voltage 12V or 24V are the mandatory elements to precise. 

TM55 and TM65 benefits

> Light and compact

  • 18.5kg (w/o clutch) : 40% lighter vs reciprocating 600cc of competition
  • significantly smaller -lower, shorter, thinner..
  • a real gift to AC system builder - space optimization and possible engine mounted layout
  • size & weight reduction allowing Bus Euro 6 compliance

> Durable, Reliable

> Long lasting performance with fuel efficiency

Discover our catalogs

Discover the existing Valeo TM Compressors offer in our catalog
Discover the existing Valeo TM Compressors offer in our catalog

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