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Valeo Intercoolers Cooling and air management for Bus

The turbocharger increases power and torque. With the same engine size, it is possible to double or even triple the vehicles power. The intercooler reduces the temperature of the air in the intake manifold from 200°C to 60°C and increases the power by 20% to 30%. This also contributes to the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx). To ensure engine reliability and conform to exhaust emission testing, the intercooler performance needs to be optimal.


Reliable Valeo intercoolers for your everyday buses use requirements  :

  • Original quality product - All products respect O.E. specifications, quality and dimensions


  • High technology
    •  Internal pipe structure reinforcement (turbulators) and folded tubes
    •  Thermal exchangers improved capacity


  • Assembly quality
    • Precision assembly machine for internal tube structure
    • Automatic core assembly
    • Robotic arm handling during assembling
    • Conformation test during the production life of the intercooler
    • High Durability
    • Side plates -to allow flexibility to the intercooler core under temperature changes (thermal expansion phenomenon)


  • Designed for Heavy-duty applications
    •  Rigid side members & tank connection
    •  Longer resistance to shocks and vibrations


Maintenance tips for intercooler replacement:



  • Air routing should be clean between the turbocharger and intercooler with no impurities, particles, blockages and reductions in airway cross sections
  • Damaged, blocked or soiled air routing should be replaced with attachment parts
  • Connecting elements should be tight, with no leak and with no “secondary air” drawn in
  • Charging pressure should be checked

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