Valeo Starters Electrical Systems for Bus and Coach


The starter motor is required to start the engine. Powered by the vehicle’s battery, the starter motor is a rotating component, which, once engaged, provides the initial drive required to start the engine.

Valeo, one of the worldwide leaders in the production of starters and alternators with more than 35 million units produced per year, presents its bus starters.

Valeo’s new starters range is standardized, which facilitates the easy selection of the right part number and an optimized stock - one Valeo part number covers multiple O.E. part numbers. The starters technology FS60 has been developed exclusively by Valeo with improved technical specifications versus competitors.


Added values


FS60 starter key benefits

Dedicated vehicle range: 10 to 14 litre engines

Enhanced Quality: Produced in Valeo OE plants with the most modern technologies of spare parts

Durability and reliability

Optimized stock: Standardized range covering more application with one reference (up to 7 competitors p/n)

Made in France

Coverage of the key Bus applications for: Hyundai, Renault...

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