Lighing Products for buses and coaches

Lighing Products for buses and coaches

Valeo provides the various lighting products for buses and coaches vehicles: headlamps, signaling and auxiliary lights with fog lamps.


Advanced technologies for heavy duty vehicles

Valeo puts its original equipment know-how into its Aftermarket offer for the commercials vehicles, buses and coaches. In this market too, Valeo proposes the different technologies to cover all market needs, including the integration of LEDs.


Focus on LED technology

Valeo, besides this constant innovation for design and safety has also developed less power consuming products in order to help decrease CO2 emissions. The special focus here is the use of L.E.D.s. This technology tends to become widespread on all main and complementary lighting products.

More sophisticated LED technologies are ready now to equip commercial vehicles. They offer:

  • safer driving conditions and increased comfort thanks to the benefits of LED
    • L.E.D.s fast response time is reducing the braking distance of the following driver by 5m at 90km/h speed
  • low energy consumption for greater efficiency and greater safety
  • enhanced visibility and comfort with the beam close to daylight

LED front signaling, LED turn signalling and LED daytime running lighting not only provide better visibility but also enhance the car brand's innovative appearance and style diversity. Approximately 25% of the appearance of a new car model is affected by the lighting systems.

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