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Valeo optiBLADE® Wiper Blades

Valeo Wiper blades Wiping Systems for Trucks

Made of steel for the pro.



The Valeo optiBLADE® Trucks range is the alternative offer that represents the perfect combination of a quality product and competitive positioning.
This range is available in conventional technology with a total of 8 part numbers from 500mm to 700mm.
Three part numbers are even equipped with pre-mounted washer ramp to cover specific important applications.



Range & offers

A comprehensive and optimised range ensuring a long lasting performance



ValeoRefDescriptionTypeShort CodesRHD / LHDAdaptorLength (inch)
628500OPTIBLADE WIPER 500MMConventional628 550LHD RHDA (9x4 + 9x3)20
628550OPTIBLADE WIPER 550MMConventional628 550LHD RHDA (9x4 + 9x3)22
628600OPTIBLADE WIPER 600MMConventional628 600LHD RHDT7, T11, (12x4 + 9x4 )24
628601OPTIBLADE WIPER 600MMConventional628 601LHD RHDT7, T11, (12x4 + 9x4 )24
628650OPTIBLADE WIPER 650MMConventional628 650LHD RHDT7, T8, T11 (12x4 + 9x4 )26
628651OPTIBLADE WIPER 650MMConventional628 651LHD RHDM10 (9x4)26
628700OPTIBLADE WIPER 700MMConventional628 700LHD RHDT7, T8, (12x4 + 9x4 )28
628701OPTIBLADE WIPER 700MMConventional628 701LHD RHDT7, T8, (12x4)28


100% metal blade: robust wiping performance guaranteed for Commercial vehicles.

Durable rubber coating: efficient and long-lasting wipe

European production: Designed, manufactured and tested by Valeo engineers in its own factory.

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