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Essential bulbs range

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Essential bulb Truck

Eco-friendly, Cheaper and Brighter

Essential bulbs are a premium quality range developed by Valeo, automotive lighting expert.

It guarantees the same quality care from the original equipment to replacement, the standard of Valeo quality.

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A wide range of bulbs to brighten your journey.


Valeo Part Number Bulb Type Volt Watt Connection Packaging Packaging QTY
032931 H1 24V 70W P14.5s Cardboard x1
032935 H3 24V 70W PK22s Cardboard x1
032939 H4 24V 75/70W P43t Cardboard x1
032944 H7 24V 70W PX26d Cardboard x1
032948 H11 24V 70W PGJ19-2 Cardboard x1
032949 PW21W 24V 21W BA15s Cardboard x10
032952 PY21W 24V 21W BAU15s Cardboard x10
032954 P21/5W 24V 21/5W BAY15d Cardboard x10
032955 W3W 24V 3W W2.1x9.5d Cardboard x10
032956 W5W 24V 5W W2.1x9.5d Cardboard x10
032957 C5W 24V 3W SV7-8 (8*30) Cardboard x10
032958 R5W 24V 5W BA15s Cardboard x10
032960 R10W 24V 10W BA15s Cardboard x10
032962 T4W 24V 4W BA9s Cardboard x10