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Window regulator: mechanisms only

Valeo Window regulator: mechanisms only Electrical Accessories for LCV

Valeo provides a complete range of window lifts - 1050 part numbers - including 4 technologies. Valeo’s range is constantly expanding with new references every year.


Valeo also offers re-designed parts for specific applications in order to supply parts with increased durability on identified weak parts. Valeo assists installers with detailed & illustrated fitting instructions provided in the box and also available online. The after-sales team is available for any questions on the fitment and identification of parts.



Valeo window regulators 2013 catalogue 956219 from Hugo Vallet


Valeo also provides several parts identification support and services. The new catalogue 2013-2014 allows a clear part identification focusing on key technical criteria in order to prevent selection error. Key criteria are clearly detailed in TecDoc as well. Valeo info : A "How to choose module" in TechAssist allows us to share the best practices with you.