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Rear lamps

Velo Rear lamps Lighting Systems for LCV

Besides this constant innovation for design and safety, Valeo has also developed less power consuming products in order to help decrease CO2 emissions. The special focus here is the use of L.E.D.s for signaling functions. L.E.D.s fast response time is reducing the braking distance of the following driver by 5m at 90km/ h or 60mph speed. And LED rear lighting helps to save 0.5g CO2/km compared to Tungsten bulbs Valeo provides more than 500 references of Rear lamps and around 200 references of Frontlamps for the IAM.


Automotive bulbs are still the most used light sources for Rear lamps and Front lamps, but the penetration with L.E.D. technology is even stronger for signaling products than for headlamps. L.E.D. Rear lamps L.E.D. technology for rear lighting is a high performance solution with a range of benefits. It offers car makers opportunities to achieve distinctive styling for each car model and to exploit the numerous lighting combinations that L.E.D. technology offers.


The faster response time of L.E.D.s contributes to road safety and their long life makes L.E.D.s a consumer- convenient alternative to conventional rear light cluster designs. Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.s) provide a very efficient light for less power consumption than normal Tungsten bulbs with extended design possibilities thanks to their compact size.



Valeo Passenger Car & Light Commercial Vehicles Lighting & Signalling Right Hand Drive catalogue 954098 from Hugo Vallet


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