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Wiper motors

Valeo Wiper motors Wiping Systems for LCV

One car out of three in Europe is equipped with a Valeo wiper motor!
For safety when driving a clear view is an imperative prerequisite.
In worst weather conditions and driving at high speed a clear view through the front and rear windshield must Therefore in original equipment
the wiper motor is developed and adapted exactly to the particular characteristics of the front or rear windshield and the complete wiping system.


100% Advantages

  • Quality: All wiper motors are 100% O.E. production and are adopted 1:1 for the Independent Aftermarket
  • Reliability: The requirements concerning fi tting accuracy for the vehicle are set at 100% - no risk of incorrect mounting or failure
  • Rigidness: 100% high quality material from original equipment
  • Durability: 100% identical spare part with the same life cycle as for the O.E.


Components and technical features

Reliability in its details. Spare parts in O.E. quality.

  • Output and power transmission same as for the original part
  • Special O.E. requirements by car makers are incorporated (park position, respect of wiper angle and area)
  • Optimal high speed characteristics; wiping speed conforms to O.E. requirements and EU directive
  • Low noise due to high quality manufacturing avoiding vibrations



Take a closer look for a better view

All new Valeo wiper motors must meet O.E. quality standards.

  • Test runs with more than 1,5 million wiping cycles
  • Measurement and monitoring of physical indicators such as wiping angle, power, tension and temperature
  • Calculation of motor speed and effective values
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of wiping profi le
  • Functional test in pre-defi ned climate profiles such as winter and air humidity




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