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Brunei Consumer Fair Exhibition

The 2020 edition of Consumer fair exhibition held at Brunei from 15 January to 19 January. This fair was operating from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.  

This Brunei consumer fair exhibits twice in a year with more than 400 exhibitors. This fair exhibits the mixture of General Apparel, Food, Electronic, Household, Stationery and Auto spare parts.

Brands like Shell, Champion, Amsoil, Liquid Moly, Denso, Flat-tech Wipers are among few in the exhibition. There were more dealer representatives, than car parts exhibitors.

We, Valeo service presented on the Hi-res artwork on Valeo Wiper products, Brake fluids, Coolants, Bulbs, General VES and VCC parts with backdrop panels.

In addition, Valeo service displayed the 2019 performance review by analyzing the purchase gap vs last year in the consumer exhibition.

Mr. Steven, the Managing Director and Mr. Stanley, the sales manager of Rometplus visited our exhibition stall.

Rometplus were displaying our Valeo Wipers and Rzoil products in their exhibition stall.

Valeo team conducted a training on Wipers to Rometplus staff during the event.

On spending 5 days in the consumer exhibition, we analyzed that around 5k visitors participated in the exhibition. Most of the visitors where local consumers.

The Consumer participation in the exhibition was quite high on Friday and weekends.

Valeo service promoted the brand by giving goodies like recycle bags, plastic pens & key rings to the stall visitor’s.

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