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Cibié ® lights up UK roads

The Cibié® brand has a heritage spanning more than a hundred years, building up a strong reputation and following for being a leader in the introduction of the latest technological innovations. Throughout its history, Cibié® products have been the first choice for numerous motorsport teams and disciplines, notably the Monte-Carlo rally and Le Mans series.

The Cibié OSCAR® LED range provides long life performance and combines all of the brand’s patented design and manufacturing quality with the very latest in LED technology.


Incredibly easy to fit to both passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles, motorists benefit from a powerful beam of up to 500 metres while offering reduced energy use and consumption.


Thereby taking different country regulations, such as ECE for Europe, SAE for the USA (Except for the Super Oscar which 1200 lm power is above the USA SAE regulation standards) and CCC for China into account, the Cibié OSCAR® LED auxiliary headlamp feature an aluminium housing with chrome ring, coated polycarbonate lens and two high performance LEDs. The result is an auxiliary headlamp which is highly resistant to heavy vibrations, extreme weather conditions and corrosion.


Available in attractive packaging that features details of the range, technical information, vehicle compatibility data and product dimensions, Cibié OSCAR® LED headlamps are supplied with a cover, installation instructions and a Cibié® sticker.


All Cibié OSCAR LED versions are listed with product characteristics, technical specifications and product pictures in the dedicated catalogue.



Discover Cibié OSCAR® LED range for Passenger cars and Commercial vehicles



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