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Dual Mass Flywheel (D.M.F)

Dual Mass flywheel (D.M.F)

The Technology perfectly filters out engine torsion vibration and improves shifting comfort in addition to noise reduction
Dual mass flywheel for the best vehicle efficiency and driver comfort. Every second car which rolls off the assembly line is fitted with a DMF - this equipment rate is continuously increasing. The dual mass flywheel helps filter out dynamic vibrations between the engine and the gearbox. Thanks to two independent flywheels connected via a bearing or bushing, including a damper system, DMF proofs the sensitive gearbox and rest of vehicles against the engine explosions vibrations, thus improving driving comfort.

Tips and Tricks for DMF replacement process 

  1. Lock the flywheel with the locking tool to avoid damaging the housings of the crankshaft bolts when removing these.

  2. Loosen and remove the crankshaft and flywheel bolts manually, avoid using impact tools that can damage the housing.

  3. Remove the engine flywheel locking tool and remove the flywheel.

  4. Check that there is no damage to the engine flywheel housing or oil leaks from the crankshaft seal, correct any leaks if they exist.

  5. Clean the surface of the flywheel seat to ensure there is no oil leak.

  6. Present the new DMF on the crankshaft and tighten the screws manually.

  7. Place the engine flywheel locking tool before finally tightening the bolts.

  8. Tighten the screws respecting the star sequence and apply the tightening torque provide by VALEO in the fitting instructions.

  9. Remove the engine flywheel locking tool.


DMF replacement process: HEC Technology

Please note that the disassembled flywheel may physically differ from the new DMF that we are going to fit. This is due to improvements made by VALEO to greater performance and reliability of the parts and technologies developed by VALEO as the High Efficiency (HEC) clutches which replaces the original self adjusting systems 

An example is the FullpackTM of the VAG Group (837073) where VALEO has developed two improvements:

  1. VALEO has modified the flywheel reinforcing the outer gear toothed ring for smoother starts, more stable position signals (sensor reading) and to avoid damage due to overstress to the starter, in addition VALEO manufactures it with a single mounting position marking the degrees on flywheel 
  2. The FullpackTM contains the High Efficiency (HEC) technology instead of the original self-adjusting system.

A Valeo solution for the replacement of self-adjusting systems that incorporates a disc with a low wear friction surface and it is not necessary to have specific mounting tool and a reinforced pressure plate that ensures