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New Valeo Tech @ssist: all Valeo technical information just two clicks away

Following interviews conducted with 600 retailers and mechanics in seven countries (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Spain and the United Kingdom), Valeo is announcing the launch of Valeo Tech @ssist.

1. A quick and intuitive part search engine

Thanks to Valeo Tech @ssist, easily accessible from valeoservice.com, finding the right Valeo product reference has never been faster or more intuitive. By using the TecDoc1 database, mechanics can find Valeo product details with ease, including technical features, automaker compatibility information and product images.

Users can search by vehicle type (brand, model or version), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or product. To increase the speed with which users get access to parts, Valeo has included an autocomplete2 feature for input fields.


2. All technical information in one place

Valeo’s technical information, including technical service bulletinsinstructions and installation videos are now available in a single location for immediate consultation.

Valeo has observed that the ability to search for technical information specific to each spare part is essential for its partner users. That is why Valeo Tech @ssist provides access to technical information based on product references to increase efficiency and reduce risk of errors.


3. On-demand training modules

Training is crucial in the increasingly technology rich sector of automotive maintenance. And yet, in 73% of independent garages, not a single employee has received training of any kind in the last 12 months (GiPA repairer survey, 2017). Ongoing training for professionals is particularly challenging due to a lack of time and the difficultly of interrupting mechanics’ everyday routines.

To overcome these limitations, Valeo has made online training modules available via Valeo Tech @ssist.


(1) Available in Germany and the United Kingdom from September 2018 before a wider international launch.

(2) Predicts results in real time based on the first two letters as the user types.