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Range Expansion : Adaptables Blower 1st batch 2022

Range Expansion - Valeo Blower



Ventilation Blowers / Blowers


The air in the cabin is propelled by a motor driven fan, more commonly known as a blower. The blower module is located inside the HVAC.


It consists of:

  • A fan
  • A drive motor
  • A power control device



The blower is designed on the basis of:


The thermal power to be drawn from the heat exchangers in order to achieve the right flow rate

The heat loss in the circuit, in order to set the pressure.

The blower ensures efficient air flow in the cabin. It is a key component for passenger comfort and safety by demisting the windscreen for example. The blower must be replaced after a crash. Most vehicles are equipped with a blower, including non air conditioned vehicles One out of every two vehicles produced in Europe is equipped with a Valeo blower.


Why Choose Valeo?


From pioneer in early 1950’s, Valeo became a recognized HVAC expert through its full range, innovative solutions and sales synergy offer

Very few suppliers can provide you O.E. blowers. Valeo is one of them! Valeo O.E. quality answers all the requirements of safety, durability and comfort (noise, vibrations) of the car manufacturers

A standardized range with less references, ideal to reduce your stock constraints

Up to 3 working hours to replace a blower! Valeo O.E. quality ensures you an effective fitting: right the first time!

The blower is the window to your air conditioning system. If it does not work correctly, your whole AC system is inefficient!

Did you know that all vehicles are equipped with a blower, even the ones without air conditioning?


The blower must be replaced:


As soon as it produces irregular airflow, reducing the passengers comfort and safety

When it generates excessive noise

Replacement time is estimated on average to 1 hour, even though according to the vehicle, it can go from 15 minutes to 3 hours.


Buying Valeo blowers is the insurance of:


A perfect fit, meaning an quicker assembly on each vehicle concerned

A minimal noise of the blower at all the speeds, and on all vehicles

The optimized airflow to efficiently reach the passengers desired temperature

Valeo O.E. Climate Control


Valeo has strengthened its positions as one of the world leading air conditioning manufacturers worldwide

Today, 1 vehicle out of 2 produced in Europe is equipped with a Valeo blower

Valeo O.E. plants in France, Spain, Germany, Romania and Turkey produce almost 100% of the Valeo aftermarket range


Valeo Blower Motors: a key element of your A/C system!


More detail info in you tube :



Extended range of Adaptable blower for ASEAN Market