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Rotating Electrics Core Service - Make sure you do it Right !

Over the course of 2007, Valeo Service UK has reshaped its core management process for Standard Exchange Starters and Alternators. In order to simplify the core balance administration, all the products are now classified in 4 Groups: A, C, D or M with one simple and unique surcharge per letter.



Now, with the new range introduction, you can take advantage of Valeo expertise in core management, from core identification to smart collection process with the support of the revolutionary Ecorps System to be released soon.


Core Acceptance Rules:

As Cores are our raw material, it is vital for all core we use to be in line with our production standards.We can collect nearly 33,000 technical references as long as they match the core acceptance rules. This will ensure that we continue to offer you excellent products and keep availability to the highest level possible. Moreover, we strongly encourage you to comply with the new Back In Box Standard as it is the most efficient answer to depreciation or product identification problems.


What is Back In Box?

In order to speed the Core identification process up and have the core back in the best condition, just adopt the Back in Box response!

Back in Box is a very efficient way to return your cores, to protect them and to actively contribute to the core identification. When you fit a new Unit on a vehicle, simply put the old Starter or Alternator back in the box in which you received the replacement one. By complying with this easy programme, you will enable Valeo to enhance the core Identification process.

What do you get in return?

Strong in its expertise in Core Return Management, Valeo Service guarantees you to quickly get your money back. By accelerating the core identification, you will be eligible to get your balance quicker and be credited for the cores you return in a shorter time. A core well protected is a core that doesn’t lose value; with Back in Box, you will avoid depreciation.

Back In Box: For Everyone

This new reflex you have to adopt is vital for everybody involved in the business, from Valeo Factories to final customers. A core well packed is a protected raw material for our Valeo Factories. By adopting this reflex, together we will be able to remanufacture more products and increase our product availability.

For further information please contact your local Valeo Business Development Manager, Ask our Core Collector and regularly visit our Website