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Silencio® range continues to grow

Covering more than 90 applications in total, the additional parts offer excellent coverage on popular makes and models and represent Valeo’s Original Equipment flat blade coverage on Jaguar, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi marques.

The Silencio® brand comprises four ranges: Silencio Standard, a short range of universal conventional blades; Silencio Performance, a range of vehicle specific conventional blades including spoilers, curved blades, spray bars and rear blades; Silencio HBlade, which combines elements of conventional technology and flat blade design covering more than 70 Asian and European vehicle models; and, Silencio X.TRM, the only complete range of OE direct-fit flat blade sets in the UK. 


The Silencio® X.TRM range offers customers a premium flat blade option. Manufactured by Valeo in their OE plant in France, all part numbers feature exclusive OE technology and consist of two metal splines for efficient wiping performance, an asymmetrical spoiler for improved high-speed operation, high quality rubber for a smooth and silent wipe, along with OE adapters for quick, easy fitting.


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