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Trust Valeo for best in class quality evaporators

Valeo launches the Best - in - Class Premium quality evaporators produced according to O.E. processes in Valeo factory, Thailand.

Valeo, one of the legitimate O.E. Thermal top worldwide leader highly focuses on its customers absolute satisfaction. Aiming the best possible vehicle application coverage in ASEAN by delivering an irreproachable product quality reflects well the Valeo Thermal strength and an expert commitment.


Evaporators play an indispensable role in air conditioning - cool the air and act as a dehumidifier. Particularly important in humid weather - so characteristic for ASEAN countries - the choice of good quality evaporator will be fundamental here.

The strong Valeo O.E. expertise is used and gives the benefits to the aftermarket design of Valeo evaporators. The products are ​developed by Valeo plant in Chonburi, Thailand applying the same production process as in O.E.


​Due to design purpose these aftermarket evaporators may have slightly different dimension, as well as the number of tubes and fins compared to O.E. Nevertheless, it does not influence the product quality.

Valeo Aftermarket evaporator ensures that product:

  • Fits perfectly
  • Assures long-lasting and reliable cooling
  • Alike O.E. quality performance


The lightweight of this design highlights Valeo respect for environment and may benefit in fuel savings for vehicle users.


The Aftermarket evaporator range is now quickly growing in terms of references to address the car parc of the Asean region. Key part numbers has already been launched on the market to cover very popular applications.


Part numbers Valeo

Vehicle application



Toyota Hilux Altis

Fitting video


Toyota Avanza

Fitting Video


Toyota Vios

Fitting Video


Mitsubishi Mirage

Fitting Video


Nissan March

Fitting Video


Nissan Navara

Fitting Video


Isuzu DMax

Fitting Video


Mazda 2

Fitting Video


Valeo Service proposes the large portfolio of products manufactured by Valeo O.E. plants - wherever it is followed the Valeo O.E. or Aftermarket program - all evaporators are produced following Valeo O.E. processes.


Discover more about Valeo offer in our online catalogue

Valeo Air conditioning (ref : 955800) catalog flipbook


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