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Valeo: 2021 Automotive News PACE Award 48V eAccess

Valeo: 2021 Automotive News PACE Award 48V eAccess


Valeo has won a 2021 Automotive News PACE* Award for the Valeo 48V eAccess, an all-electric powertrain solution for small urban vehicles.

The all-in-one system contains an electric motor, inverter (the brain of the system) and transmission developed as part of the collaboration with Dana. Vehicles equipped with the technology can reach speeds of 45 to 100 km/h (depending on the automaker) and enjoy a range of 100 km without emitting any CO2. This affordable solution is easy to fit and is especially suited for urban and suburban use. The Valeo 48V eAccess is already on the market, featuring in the Citroën AMI.





As a pioneer and world number one in vehicle electrification, Valeo offers a unique portfolio of technologies spanning the entire range of segments and applications. Valeo’s electrification strategy covers all motors (from low- to high-voltage through its joint venture with Siemens), power electronics, software, onboard chargers, thermal management systems, and now also energy systems, with its new range of charging stations.

Its technologies are manufactured on a large scale, helping keep costs down. As they are highly modular, they can be adapted to the wide-ranging needs of vehicle manufacturers. Starting from a common base, Valeo’s solutions can be used, for example, to create electrical systems for hybrid cars as well as all-electric motors for small urban vehicles, as is the case with the Valeo 48V eAccess.

This 2021 PACE Award-winning innovation aims to make mobility greener, and thanks to its affordability, more widely available. In 2020, technologies that reduce CO2 emissions accounted for 60% of Valeo’s original equipment sales.


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