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Valeo ClimFill offers the best A/C refill service!

Why choose Valeo ClimFill® Stations?






Valeo, the air conditioning specialist, presents its air conditioning refill station lineup: ClimFill® Easy, ClimFill® Pro & ClimFill® Maxi, which will strengthen the Valeo expertise for A/C specialists.

It is designed to supply all vehicles types, the new Valeo refill stations provide numerous technical and practical advantages

The ClimFill® stations are fully automatic to secure and ease their use. There are no more tap to activate, and the processing is autonomous once the cycle is launched. The Valeo refill station range also includes a manual mode if needed.


Technology or Innovation ?

  • Valeo offers a variety of stations adapted to all needs : fully automatic, supercharge S-Mode and Q-Mode
  • Our ClimFill stations feature ClimFill lock technology : eco-patented couplers to improve the recovery cycle time.
  • Valeo stations operate on all refrigerants type : R134A , HFO 1234yf


Introducing the range......