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Valeo increases pace of expansion in water pumps

Water pump circulates coolant between the engine and radiator to prevent the engine from overheating. It is an essential element of the cooling loop.



In recent years, a number of factors such as emissions regulations and new engine technology has evolved the look, weight and performance of the water pump, resulting in lighter and more compact designs. Despite all these changes, they are still expected to offer enhanced engine protection from overheating.


Product range is certified by the Valeo Origin Label. Valeo is regarded as a thermal systems specialist and the company’s water pumps range is made to OE specifications, comprising components that adhere to the same standard.  For example, Valeo water pumps feature numerous components including a pulley that prevents noise and excessive wearing of the timing belt, a vapour hole to evacuate excess pressure and, high quality bearings to reduce noise and allow for better resistance to extreme operating conditions.




water pumpwater pumpwater pump


More than 550 part numbers are available in the water pump range, covering 89 per cent of the UK car park across 50 vehicle makes. A single water pump can cover multiple carmakers and models ensuring reduced stock holding and maximum vehicle coverage.

In addition to strong coverage on French vehicle makes (PSA & Renault > 95%), the range covers an ever-growing number of Asian vehicles in Europe (Toyota & Nissan > 80%). Valeo is continuously improving its coverage on this range with new applications for Toyota and Nissan now available.


All of the parts have been fully catalogued and are supported with detailed photography of the part and associated gasher accessories for an easy installation. Each reference contains all of the complementary information that a technician or supplier will need to accurately select the correct part.







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